Death to Dead Ends


Don't lose your site traffic prematurely.

Great incoming traffic? Check.

Compelling content? Check.

Are your visitors still bailing out on your site after a page or two?

Each page builds a step in your visitor's journey, and as such, needs to have a clearly-defined purpose. Many pages have great content, but don't walk people through the journey. Visitors meet the dreaded Dead End when they are on a page that doesn't hold their hand through to the next step.

 If they hit a brick wall, most visitors will give up and move on to a competitor's site. A brave few will search for alternative methods of reaching their desired page within your site or resort to calling you, but let's focus on improving your Call to Action to stop the mass exodus.

What's a Call to Action?

In marketing, a Call to Action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, like "Add to Cart" or "Click here to learn more." Each and every page on your website needs to have a Call to Action. The intended action could lead to another content page, a contact form, a shopping cart checkout, etc.

Every page?

Even "Thank You" pages (i.e. after closing a sale) should include a CTA, such as "Like Us on Facebook" or "Sign up for our newsletter to get future deals and discounts."

Even "Information Only" website should include a CTA. A blog piece can link to related articles within your site or offsite links that would benefit the visitor.

How do I fix my site?

First, analyze where you are losing traffic. This will likely suggest where you are missing the most important CTAs. Use Google Analytics to determine your Exit Pages. Focus on pages that aren't intended as final pages.

If they already contain a CTA, then it is probably being overlooked. Ask yourself why. Is it well-placed on the page? Does it stand out? If you are drawing a blank, ask a colleague who hasn't visited the site before.

Still losing traffic?

Once you have well-placed CTAs on all pages, you may still see traffic dropping off early. This calls for a deeper look at improving your site architecture. Read how here.

(And that, my friends, is this page's Call To Action!)

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