Online Video Advertising: Is it right for your media campaign?

It’s undeniable that online video content has changed the advertising world in the last ten years with over 233 million unique viewers watching content on sites like YouTube, VEVO and Broadband TV.

And if you’ve watched a funny cat video on YouTube or joined the discussion on Huff Post Live, you are among the majority of Americans who are watching online video ads as AOL and Google dominate the ad medium, reaching and serving a little over 80% of the population with online video ads.

With those statistics in mind, many advertisers still have questions on how and why they should incorporate online video advertising into their media plan.

Here are the few questions we hear about online video advertising and our thoughts.

What is achievable with online video advertising?

Online video advertising can help advertiser achieve a variety of goals but here are a few key benefits when including online video media in your buy.

  • Engagement – Thanks to social media, the interaction between the target audience and an advertiser’s message is measurable. Between likes, retweets and shares, advertisers are able to gage how their audience is responding to their message.
  • Trackable retention – Is my target audience watching the entire commercial or did they fast forward through it? With broadcast buys, advertisers may have these thoughts. And even though broadcast is very good for branding, advertisers have no idea if their audience is actually seeing the TV spot. With online video advertising, advertisers are able to see reporting that details if a viewer watched at least 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the online video.
  • Conversion – Was it worth it? Online video reports on the number of clicks to the website and with the application of a pixel on the advertiser’s website, reporting will tell if a sale was made after seeing that online video online.

My media plan already includes broadcast. Why should we include online video advertising?

If an advertiser’s media plan already includes broadcast, why not use those TV spots in an online video advertising buy as well?  Production can be extremely costly, so making good use of that investment is crucial in diversifying a media plan. Many online media outlets have in-stream and in-display advertising options that will allow advertisers to hit the target demographic without breaking the bank.

How does online video media compare to standard media in regards to in-display media?

Standard media may be the classic option for most digital campaigns (especially when it comes to in-display) but with rich media, advertisers typically see a better click through rate (CTR) with these eye-catching ads. When looking at the benchmarks reported by Google, click through rates for standard media ads typically fall below .1%. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (AIB) report that online video formats, on the other hand, can see click through rates anywhere between .4 and 1.2% depending on if it’s pre-roll or interactive. This is a great benefit that translates into more traffic to an advertiser’s website! Keep in mind, the digital campaign may have a variety of goals that need a combination of ad types to make those goals achievable. Don’t rule out either option until the campaign goals have been properly assessed.

Is broadcast media suggested over online video media when it comes to a buy?

Every media plan should be strategically crafted to foster the best results based on the goals of the campaign. Equipping a media plan with diverse options is important to a successful campaign as each media type serves a different goal.




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